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Bray Shamblin


Dear Stakeholders,


As the principal at South Gallia High/Middle School, it is an honor to have the opportunity to serve such an outstanding community. It is my desire to work with you, your child, and the staff to continue to promote a strong sense of community in order to increase student achievement. During my years in education, I have worked as a Social Studies Teacher, Intervention Specialist, Emotional Disturbance Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Elementary School Principal. From the varied experiences throughout my career, I have learned that the best method to increase and maintain high student achievement is to promote the development of a strong school community where the principal, staff, and parents and all stakeholders collaborate in order to best meet the needs of their students. On behalf of the South Gallia High/Middle School faculty and staff, I would like to welcome our new and returning students. South Gallia High/Middle School has earned a reputation of academic excellence through the hard work of our students, teachers, parents and staff. South Gallia supports a wide array of exemplary academic, athletic, and social opportunities for all students. The goal of South Gallia High/Middle School is to empower every student to maximize his or her opportunities while meeting global challenges. South Gallia offers a safe learning environment that promotes intellectual growth, health, creativity, and respect for self and others. We are proud of the accomplishments of our school and are excited to share our South Gallia High/Middle School pride throughout the school year. I truly believe strong partnerships between parents/guardians/stakeholders and staff lead to academic success for all students. Therefore, I invite you to visit our school and to actively participate in your child’s education. This participation may come in a variety of forms including: joining the boosters for athletics or band, working as a volunteer at the school, checking your child’s homework and agenda on a daily basis, attending school-wide events, and communicating questions or concerns to myself and the teachers.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your students. I look forward to meeting new faces and working with those established in our community.  GO REBELS!!!


Bray M. Shamblin

Principal, South Gallia High/Middle School


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