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E Moore


2018- 2019





Welcome to a new school year! The staff and I at River Valley Middle School are excited and filled with expectations for a great year. We hope that your summer has been filled with activities, vacations and fairs. We at RVMS believe it is our goal to enable all students to reach their full potential as they develop academically, socially, and physically. The teachers will strive to use a variety of approaches and strategies to address individual learning styles. The entire school staff will endeavor to develop a cooperative atmosphere that fosters a sense of community. River Valley Middle School will continue to advance technologically. The administrators, teachers and staff will proceed to fully implement programs utilizing a Middle School approach and tailoring the curriculum to best meet the needs of the young adolescent students. The staff of River Valley Middle School believes that.


  • The students, parents, staff, administrators, and community have cooperative ownership of the school.
  • Early adolescence is a formative transition in the path from childhood to adulthood.
  • Middle School students need a strong support system for their changing emotional needs.
  • Young adolescents need planned social interaction.
  • The development of each student as a unique individual is to be recognized and celebrated.
  • The staff should maintain a student-centered focus.
  • All stakeholders in our school have a responsibility in the success of each student.


With a new school year comes new challenges, new beginnings, and new successes! We here at RVMS

are excited about the possibilities and have bright hopes for a year of learning.

       The doors at River Valley Middle School open at 7:15 am. Parking is a challenge and this year is no exception so we ask parents to refrain from parking in the Bus Zone in front of the building. This is a safety precaution as students are moving to and from buses and the school building. Parents picking up or dropping off students should do so on the side parking lot next to the gym. Please refrain from parking in the grass by utilizing the parking space made available. In the mornings, these students can enter the building by using the main entrance doors.

To pick up a student at the end of the school day, parents will sign them out in the hallway across from the Band and Art Room at 2:35 pm. A reminder to all parents that only the people approved on the student yellow emergency card may pick up children at normal dismissal hours. A student must bring a note from home that they are to be picked up or a phone call must be made to the school office before 2:10 pm to let us know your child will be picked up. If a student is to be picked up by a high school student, a note must be given to the front office and the secretary will call the home to verify this note. A middle school student will not be allowed to ride home with a high school student unless permission has been granted.

Reminder for safety of all our children, Do Not Enter the Bus Lane when buses are in the area or it is approaching the time for buses to arrive or depart.

We gladly welcome you into the school. We want you to be part of your child’s learning experience. However, it is important that the visitations policy is followed. Upon entering the building, please report directly to the office. At that time, you must sign in and obtain a visitor’s pass. Teachers have been instructed to send all visitors not wearing a pass to the office where a pass will be issued. For individual or extended conferences, please call the teacher and schedule an appointment.

We are proud of our many achievements in particular, our student’s successes. Working together we achieve great things for our students at River Valley Middle School. We look forward to your assistance in helping to make this a GREAT year at RVMS. On behalf of the faculty and staff I invite you to visit our web site and our school.


School Mission

“We at RVMS will unite to pursue Academic Excellence and Honorable Character to become Leaders of Tomorrow.”


Ed Moore



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