District Profile

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the Gallia County Local School District covers approximately 450 square miles and serves 2,767 students.

District buses covering 43 routes transport students more than 4,000 miles a day over mostly secondary and township roads. The school district’s facilities include four K-8 elementary buildings, one K-4 building, one 5-8 building, and two 9-12 high schools.

The school district offers a full range of educational programs to meet the unique needs of its students pre-K through grade 12. Programs bridging the full spectrum of special education are offered for qualifying students, i.e. classes for children with multiple impairments to those for gifted students in grades 4-8. The district has operated a summer intervention program for eight years for students in grades K-6 as well as a three-week proficiency intervention program for students in grades 9-12.

All six elementary buildings in the district are served with school-wide Title I programs. These programs are integrated with the building continuous improvement plans. The primary focus of the continuous improvement plans is positively impacting student achievement. The district moved in the past year from academic emergency to academic watch. Emphasis is placed on specific improvement in reading and math for students at early and middle grade levels.

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