Message from Superintendent Jude Meyers

April 28, 2020

Gallia County Local Staff, Parents, Students & Community,

This morning I prepared a video message that I have shared on our district website. No one would have realized that as we entered 2020, we would be experiencing a world that has made everyday life so challenging for everyone. When the Governor of Ohio mandated the closure of our buildings, he did direct us to continue two main items. One was to continue to find ways to educate our students and the second was to make sure we continued to provide meals. We have done both.

Within a few months of the New Year, we were and remain in a situation where we had to reinvent what education looks like in Gallia County Local Schools. Although we are not the only ones in this unique situation, we also understand that barriers such as lack of internet and cell service make our work that much more challenging during these difficult times.

Prior to the closure of our buildings, our staff worked hard to compile and send out packets of assignments for students to work on until the end of April, 2020. That was the first of several sets of assignments that parents should have received. We also realize that our staff is using every means possible to reach their students whether it is through text, phone, email, paper packets, or some type of online assignment. By sending these assignments out, we can show the state that we are continuing the education process even though we know this definitely can’t replace the instruction one would get inside of a classroom. Our staff has been logging this communication and the district continues to attempt to reach those we have not received communication from.

Following the guidelines of the Ohio Department of Education, we are using a pass/fail to address grades in the fourth quarter of this school year. Ultimately, it is the effort of that student that will play a key role in their success. If the student is attempting to complete their work and provides the effort, they should receive a passing mark (100%). Those who do not attempt to complete any work will receive a failing grade (59%). Those students taking college courses will follow the directive of the university or College Board. We are also aware that there are many extenuating circumstances that will need to be reviewed before any final grade is determined. Regardless, the best thing one can do is to maintain constant communication with your teacher(s) throughout the remainder of this school year. It is an expectation of the district that staff should stay in communication with our families and students as we wrap up the 2019-2020 school year.

As previously stated, I have prepared a YouTube video which is attached to our website ( that should answer some of the questions you may have in more detail. I want to personally thank all of the staff members who continue to work hard to educate and feed our students. By this Friday we will have prepared and distributed nearly 25,000 meals to our kids. In addition, I want to thank all the community organizations, school groups, and anonymous volunteers who continue to donate snack packs that are being distributed.
As we look ahead to the 2020-2021 school year, we are exploring plans to better meet the needs of our students while continuing to keep everyone involved safe. We will continue to work hard to find ways to reach out and assist our students as we conclude this year and push forward into next. I wish everyone nothing but good health and safety as we navigate through these difficult times. I would encourage you to reach out to our staff and building principals if there is anything you might need. We thank you for your communication and support as we approach the end of this school year. You can also visit our website as new information becomes available.

Yours in education,
Jude Meyers, Superintendent

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