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    Good Evening!  This is a REMINDER that picture day is tomorrow, Thursday, October 21, 2021.  All students should have brought their forms home over the weekend.  

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    Family Night Book Walk for Vinton and Southwestern Elementary students and families.

    Located at Bob Evans Farm near the cabins.  Thursday, Oct. 21, from 5:00pm-7:00pm.  Come enjoy the activities at your own pace.

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    Due to some nationwide shortages while trying to obtain bulk orders for our school breakfast and lunch program, menus may be altered or a lesser variety in our day to day menu.  If your child is very selective with their food choices or have particular food allergies, it may be wise to pack your child's lunch in the event menu items are impacted.  Complete meals will be served; however, our daily menu may ever be changing until shortages are no longer an issue. 

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The governor’s office has requested that we collect information regarding the number of additional certified or non-certified staff members who wish to get a first CoVid vaccine, but missed the administering of it last Friday. Please respond by Sun…
In building learning will resume on Tuesday, 1/19/2021 for grades K-12 at all buildings. Preschool will resume on Thursday, 1/21/2021.